You are not alone. This site was brought to you to guide you down the right path that you desperately need toward healing so that you can find spiritual freedom and become the person you were truly meant to be.


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All true believers in God know that the medical practices of today cannot solve all of our problems.

Medicine and psychology address only the physical body, but we are spiritual beings. Exorcism works at the spiritual level to help heal and cleanse your soul.

If you have experienced pain or trauma in your life, now is your moment to take on your path toward recovery. Spiritual healing can be a powerful tool to give you a new outlook on life that you never could imagine is possible. When you are unburdened of your spiritual traumas and demons, you will feel, and even look, like a brand new person.



God helps us bring healing to the lost. Dr. Vincent Bauhaus is our minster and Pastor for bringing God’s ordained word to the people.

As you know, God puts certain people in our path to help us. We are grateful that we have been put in your path now, and urge you to not sit at home continuing on your current path of pain and suffering. Healing through exorcism delivery can be a powerful tool for you to overcome and heal your demons.

It is up to you to call us now and book your healing to bring you onto your path of freedom from the bondage that is holding you back now. You deserve to live a better life.

Ministry Office: 888-202-9516

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How to Know If I Need Healing?

If you are wondering whether our services can help you, please read below. If you are in need of us, know that we are here for you 24/7 by phone.

Our community members here in Los Angeles experience many unique struggles. If you have experienced an emotional, psychological or spiritual struggle and believe it may be caused by dark forces or dark spirits, then you are in need of healing at the spiritual level to help you overcome your struggles. Remember that this is not your fault and that you are a victim. We are here to help you under the powerful word of God.

Please remember that you do not need to visit with Pastor Bauhaus in person to receive treatment. A simple meeting by phone can give you the help you desperately need. Please call him any time at our Ministry Office Line.

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It is our desire that everyone be freed from the bondage of sin and pain, and experience joy and freedom. It is for this reason that we hold open conferences to the public that are free of charge and deliver healing. Sign up to our mailing list below to receive updates on Pastor Vincent’s live events and conferences.

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